The Art of Content Marketing: Topical vs Evergreen Content

When we create content, we want it to go viral. We want to capture the attention of the audience and let millions across the world be amazed and captivated by the content strategy. While some achieve this through funny videos, witty ads or shocking revelations, it is the continuation of the positive momentum which takes a toll.

In such instances, is it best to opt for top trends that are topical or select a content strategy that aspires to last long? Let’s explore further to nail a choice!

Types of Content

Topical Content: Newsjacking content relevant to a recent event, industry news, current news builds up the Topical Content.

Evergreen Content: Content that stays around for a while like interviews with industry experts, tips and tricks, instructor videos, etc. comprise of the Evergreen Content.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Topical Content: Typically, Topical Content can lead to a spike in traffic and it has the potential to go viral. However, Topical Content is subject to the ‘churn and burn’ lifespan with a short shelf-life.

Evergreen Content: Evergreen Content can stand the test of time and is a powerful tool for building your site’s SEO. While Evergreen Content can attract steady readers over the long haul, it seldom appeals to large numbers of viewers in one go.

Final Verdict

While there is no good or better choice between Topical and Evergreen Content, it is the art of combining hot trends with evergreen concepts that makes content marketing effective. Here’s some quick tips to achieve the right balance:

Keep it Precise – Keep your content crisp, concise and punchy. While it is good to create anticipation, frame your content in a way that visitors want to explore it. Reward them with strong facts and an element of surprise.

Keep it Current – Keep your content modern and current. Use videos or pictures which are popular, but don’t string them to a certain fad or a celebrity that will perish within time. Change your content with time and include the latest tools to make it up-to-date.

Whatever choice you make, it is to be remembered that nothing is constant, but change. So blend the hot trends with evergreen content to wow new visitors and keep the existing ones happy.