Content Creation

We Create Engaging Content for Desktop & Mobile Readers..

The Internet has become crowded, noisy, even abundant, which makes it hard for brands to stand out, and easy for people to get bored.
That very problem made it crucial for us to come up with something that’s going to change content creation as we know it.
Hence came the idea of our special writing recipe.

Unique Content Approach

We follow the inverted-pyramid style of writing at Snackable News by giving the most important information within the first couple of paragraphs, using a recipe like content approach through which each article has these 3 components:

  • Ingredients
  • Facts
  • The Snack

Content Discovery and Strategy

Snackable News platform is integrated with several real-time streaming data APIs that allow us to find and discover content (news and stories) that is trending in several industries and sectors in several languages, giving us an advantage to learn and narrow your target audience and produce content that is sharable by users.

We create better and more consistent content that engages mobile and desktop readers in any desired sector or industry then market it and distribute it on various channels.