Think of a movie you’ve watched last? Were you interested in the characters? Did you consider yourself similar to the protagonist? And when the protagonist was hit with a crisis, did you wish that the character makes through the end?

This is the art of good storytelling. The art that weaves you into a story and makes you relate to its main characters. Storytelling today is not limited to movies or books; it has become the need of the hour. Whatever business you manage or operate, unless you’re able to tell a story, your audience won’t relate to you.

But how do you use storytelling in the content you create for business? That’s where SnackableNews comes into picture. We at SnackableNews have developed a model for you to begin to think about what kinds of stories you might want to tell to connect with another individual human being (audience) on an emotional level. We set the creative dimension which offers the right mix of spice and flavors that grabs people’s attention and doesn’t let go because the story is so compelling and engaging.

The effect we have with content is different and inspirational, similar to a gastronomic delight. True to the philosophy of ‘The Da Vinci Effect’ – the fact that one individual can have a greater impact on society than several million individuals that are not engaged in implementing social change, SnackableNews has created an aromatic and tangy dimension, which states your target audience and defines a path for sharing different stories with them. That’s where the magic happens: in the meeting of stories.

You are the main character, and SnackableNews is the supporting character that offers palatable tools just right to help you create great stories.